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About us

The company Hossbach Sensor Technologie builds on more than 45 years of experience in the development and application of sensors and sensor systems.

In the year 1972 the engineer Erich Hossbach developed the first cotton wool weighing sensor system, which spread very fast in the market under the trade name "cotton scales".

It removed the "radioactive" measuring principle, which had been used so far in the packaging-weight-dosing of cotton.
This new cotton dosing system applied unique capacitive measuring principles as most of our sensors and sensor systems use ever since.

Since these beginnings new sensors of most different designs and for a great variety of purposes have continuously been developed and produced.

The sons of the company founder, Jürgen (died in 1999) and Dieter, and the firm's engineers refined and enhanced the sensor technology and the sensor products, which are now being used worldwide.

The sensors of Hossbach Sensor Technologie operate as single devices or as a part of sensor systems. The sensor systems are based on microcontrollers and PC technology.
One of the prominent sensor systems, the HMC Profiler, was developed for the packaging industry in 1995. In the year 2005 the HST Analyser and in 2006 the HST Flow Controller followed. On account of the multifaceted adaptability of sensor and software these sensor systems are now being used in many industrial applications.

Beginning with the year 2003 a new focus was added: Sensors were developed, which are able to measure pharmaceutical substances in minimal quantities. Theses sensors measure amounts down to 1mg with a resolution of 1%.

The company mission of Hossbach Sensor Technologie is focused on the development and realization of unique industrial sensor solutions for and together with our customers. This enables us to meet new challenges and to realize exceptional solutions for production and quality control applications. A mutual beneficial and productive cooperation with our costumers has been and shall be the engine of Hossbach Sensor Technologie's further development and success.