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HST Ranger


the weight range control system
for continuous materials
+ Controlling
+ Visualisation
+ Monitoring
+ Documentation
Being Competitive


  • weight range control of continuous, endless products, materials by upper and lower limit
  • limits and product signal easily adjusted by knobs
  • visualisation of limits and products on LED bar graphs
  • switching outputs activated, when product signal falls under lower limit or exceed upper limit
  • covering many control application only by changing over to other sensors mounted at different machine locations
  • additional software package available
  • extended visualisation elements
  • calibration for showing exact value
  • set parameter like averaging time
  • product signal visualisation in a chart
  • documentation data for spreadsheet programs


The HST Ranger is a smart sensor system for controlling continuous, endless foils, papers, coatings, webs etc. Upper limit and lower limit and the measuring value are visualised on two 100 element LED bar graphs. The range between the upper and lower limit represents the allowable tolerance range for the measuring value, that is proportional to the product weight or material quantity just being in the sensing area of the sensor. Values, i.e. their representation as single elements or bar graphs falling under the pre-set lower limit or exceeding the pre-set upper limit are beyond the tolerance range and will cause alarms by activating the referring switching output.

The HST Ranger can also be delivered with the “HST Ranger Software Package”. After interfacing the control unit by an USB cable to a PC, the sensor system becomes an even more powerful control system. The basic visualisation by bar graphs can be let the same or changed to other bar graph visualisation modes. Additionally the limits and the measuring value are indicated by 3 digit indicators and can be calibrated to suitable values, representing the actual weight, weight/sqm, material flow etc. Very helpful is the adjustment of an averaging time, that avoids too much and un-wished flickering measurement values and smoothes their curve representation in the curve chart. The chart shows additionally the preset limits. Data stored during operation over a pre-set time can imported in spreadsheet programs.