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HST Cotton Wool Weighing System

Cotton Wool Weighing System

the packaging weight control and
regulation system
for continuous webs
+ Weight Evaluation
+ Packaging Weight Regulation
+ Web Feed Regulation
+ Saving Money
Being Competitive


  • evaluations of material quantities of continuous non-woven products like cotton wool webs
  • dosing of weight equal material cords on-line before getting packaged
  • weight evaluation independent of web thickness and width
  • speed independent measurement procedure selectable
  • weight re-adjustments by remote control (manually) or by external balance
  • activation of the tearing device, when package weight is achieved
  • synchronisation of teasel and packaging speed due to the sag regulation control of duration and tearing moment of the tearing procedure
  • visualisation of weight, set weight value and dosing and control status


The Cotton Wool Weighing System 1004 is since decades the approved dosing system for zig-zag cotton wool cords to be packaged in plastic bags. It had substituted the ancient x-ray based dosing systems. The Cotton Wool Weighing System 1004 can easily integrated as well in new as in already existing packaging machines.

The cotton wool web running through the lower gap of the sensor gets measured for weight evaluation. When the pre-set weight is achieved a switching output is set, to signalise that the tearing device has to be activated to separate the cotton wool web to be packaged in the next plastic bag. The switching output signal can be connected directly to an electric contactor or first to a logic control unit to initiate the tearing device. The operation of the Cotton Wool Weighing System 1004 meets also the demands on continuous cotton wool web transport. The stop and go of the cotton wool web in front of the tearing device as well as the dis-continuity of the web transport speeds are balanced by the sag regulation feature. The sag regulation lets cotton wool web sag more or less creating a cotton wool reservoir that prevents the web from thinning out or jamming. An external tachometer, whose output voltage is proportional to the transport speed can be connected to the tachometer input of the Control Unit to balance changing transport speeds.