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HST Analyser


the mobile inspection system
for intermittently aligned products
+ Enhancing Quality
+ Saving Money
+ Supporting Engineering
+ Supporting Purchasing
+ Supporting Decisions
Being Competitive


  • mobile, high speed on-line inspection tool
  • instantaneous overview over production and quality
  • evaluation and visualisation of weight and weight distribution of total products
  • evaluation and visualisation of object positions
  • evaluation and visualisation of warnings, alarms and position deviations
  • covering many inspection application only by changing over to other sensors mounted at different machine locations
  • statistical calculations and representations
  • comfortable scaling, calibrating, configuring
  • drag and drop of weight distribution curves from screen into spreadsheet programs
  • powerful protocoling and documentation
  • video recorder like play, re-play, record functions


The HST Analyser inspects and analyses whole products or intermittently aligned materials due to their weight, weight distribution, position etc. The same applies to continuous webs or material flows measured for distinct periods or segments. Each product, web segment or material flow is recorded, based on a pre-set number of sensor measurements. From that a weight distribution profile is generated and weight is evaluated. By comparing a pre-set number of weights important information is derived for quantitative analysis. By monitoring and comparing the weight distribution profiles many information can be derived due to the production process, to the raw material, to the quality, effect of product changes.

A great variety of QMS70 Sensors can be used, each type of sensor covering another inspection application. Whereas the other components of the HST Analyser system can remain the same. The HST Analyser Software Package can be licenced for one or more PCs. The HST Analyser Online Software Package can be used both as on-line inspection software and as off-line analysis software tool. The HST Analyser Offline Software Package is only used as additional off-line software tool. To reduce the expenditure of time and costs for inspections at different machine line locations additional interface connecting housings can be installed once at different locations to accept the Signal Processing Unit by simple plugging, avoiding reoccurring installations.

Operation Screen